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Airbnb: What you need to know.

What are the rules for Airbnb? 

Every city will set its own rules for renting out all or part of a property on Airbnb or other short-term rental websites. In Toronto, for example, it is expected that only a principal residence will be able to be used for Airbnb. You can either rent out up to three of your bedrooms, or you can rent out the entire home, up to 180 days per year. You will also have to pay $50 to register the unit with the city and charge a four-per-cent tax.

4 Reasons To Invest In Single-Family Rentals

Why investing in single family rentals is a good idea

There are several different types of real estate investing. One type that’s often thought to be less profitable is the single-family rental. The reality is, however, that single-family rentals can be quite profitable. In fact, single-family rental rates have increased significantly and steadily since 1985 and are predicted to continue doing so for several years. Here are a few more good reasons to get into single-family rentals to grow your investment portfolio.

4 Things You Must Know About New Construction Homes

4 facts about new construction homes you may not know

How exciting and fun would it be to be the first person to ever live in your home? That’s one of the main reasons people choose new construction homes over older, less expensive homes. If you’re thinking a new construction home is right for you, take a minute to read through the four facts below. You may discover a thing or two you didn’t already know.

4 Ways To Build Home Equity

Get familiar with some techniques to build your home equity

How To Tell If You Should Invest In Another Neighbourhood

9 signs that could mean the neighborhood might be a bad investment

The property value of a home is determined by more than just the home itself. Its surrounding neighborhood has a lot to do with its value too. Below, we discuss several things to look for to determine whether investing in a certain neighborhood is a good idea or not.

What To Do When Having A Conflict With Your Tenant

7 tips for dealing with a troublesome tenant

Problem tenants come with the territory, but it’s how you deal with them that can make or break you as a landlord. Whether it’s consistently late rent or complaints of loud music or foul smells, dealing with a troublesome renter is a delicate matter. Here are several tips to help you handle the situation safely and smartly.

Tips On How You Can Wisely Invest In An Apartment Building

Things to consider for wise apartment building investing

It’s hard to know beforehand if an investment is a good idea or not. However, by keeping the following five important things in mind, you can help ensure that apartment building will be a wise investment.

Home Selling Secrets Every Seller Wants To Know

10 home selling secrets you need to know

Are you on the verge of giving up hope of ever finding a buyer for your home? Or even worse, your real estate agency has still not found you a buyer yet. This can be quite disappointing and you may end up selling your house at a very low price just to accommodate the buyer so as to make the sale. But, here are a few secrets that will help you make faster sales of your property/properties.

4 Reasons Why Your Purchase Offer Was Rejected

Common reasons a seller might reject your purchase offer

Buying a home can be a challenging process. Many factors come into play that can be confusing and overwhelming. One of the most frustrating parts is putting a purchase offer on a property only to have it rejected. This happens a lot, and there are several reasons why. Check out the four reasons why your purchase offer was rejected below.

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